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Canadian Kabalarians have a full-blown scandal on their hands. The Nelson Daily News of September 18th, 1997 reported of their leader, Ivon Shearing,

-Shearing, 65, is charged with sexually exploiting 11 of his female followers during his leadership. He faces 20 criminal counts, including indecent assault, sexual assault, gross indecency and having sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 14.

The article went on to say, -Kabalarian philosophy is said to promote individualism and challenges its members to think for themselves.

Obviously, taking advantage of young, naive girls, is outside of the stated philosophies of the Kabalarians. According to a sec-ond article under date of September 19th, 1997, one of his victims reported,

...Later, he told her he was interested in "developing her" as an assistant in special spiritual roles within the organization.

The headline reported that the young woman "...thought she was being cleansed by sexual conduct" and was told "...not to discuss the "special occurrence" with anyone."

The Kabalarian Society is reported to have 1,500 members in Canada, and more worldwide. Who are the Kabalarians, and what do they believe? The Kabalarian Courier (undated) tells the history of their first leader.

The founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy was a young auto mechanic who forsook his strict, Church of England upbringing for Eastern philosophies. He became adept at Yoga, and finally met a visiting swami from India, who gave him the -key "to the -truths for which he had been seeking". His small handful of listeners grew into an impressive group who built a large facility in Vancouver, BC.

Most people became aware that their friends have become Kabalarians when they suddenly change their legal name and a notice appears in the paper. This is done so the letters of their name add up to a favorable mathematical number approved of by the Kabalarians. Mathematics are considered a "sacred principle".

Their publication, "Kabalarian Philosophy" states on page 12,

"...There are invisible forces, spiritual qualities, behind each letter and each number and your name,,,",

Let's now turn to the Kabalarian Philosophy from a Christian viewpoint.

The Kabalarian concept of God is that He is a Cosmic Law that is not a separate entity either in a physical or spiritual form. He is definitely not a personal, loving God as in Christianity, but an impersonal god as in Eastern mysticism. (See Math. Course, Lesson 1, p. 8).

Jesus Christ has been dealt with in a similar manner. Rather than being the real Person who is the Savior of each individual coming to Him, He is considered to be the symbolism of the working of the divine law.

The Kabalarian publication, "Sermon on the Mount", page 3, puts it this way .

"The Kabalarian Philosophy tea-ches that the life of Jesus symbolizes the working of the divine law through the whole human race, and that Jesus Christ has been termed -the son of God+ in a strictly personal sense. Actually, the Christ is born within every being, for it is that individualized spark of the universal whole that comes to every child at birth, and whose destiny it is to unfold or express the wisdom of its own consciousness, thus revealing the philosophy of life in its entirety."

So, the Eastern concept of Christ is presented by the Kabalarians, and not much hope for the future is offered.

No individual salvation is offered, and their "Philosophy Course", Lesson X, page 14. tells them,

"...Like the leaves upon the tree, man has his season of growth and at the close of the season, or cycle, man's individuality is discarded when the Spirit goes back to the whole. In future when you try to visualize yourself and life, see yourself as Spirit, not as Self...".

It all seems rather sad and hopeless to us who enjoy the assurance of our salvation through the promises of God in Jesus Christ. We are filled with the peace of -knowing that we have eternal life.

"These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, in order that you may know that you have eternal life". (1 John 5:13).

Kabalarians lead a very restricted life. Everything is scrutinized to make sure if adds up to -mathematical perfection. Their diet is usually vegetarian, with no smoking or drinking. Ideally, they are supposed to give 50% of their income to God, leaving 50% for living expenses. They often enter into prolonged periods of abstaining from sex, even within marriage.

Rigid legalism does not make for happiness, inside or outside of the Christian life. We have had the privilege of seeing Kabalarians come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in the past. We hope this article will equip you to understand them better, and know how to approach them with the love of the true Jesus Christ of the Bible.


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