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The Watchtower Reprints, October 1890, p.1243

"The Millennium of peace and blessing would be introduced by forty years of trouble, beginning slightly in 1874 and increasing until social chaos should prevail in 1914É"

The Watchtower Reprints, January 15, 1892, p.1355

"The date of the close of that 'battle' is definitely marked in Scripture as October, 1914. It is already in progress, its beginning dating from October, 1874."

The Watchtower Reprints, July 15, 1894, p.1675

"For instance, as we look back and note that the Scriptures marked 1873 as the end of six thousand years from Adam to the beginning of the seventh thousand, and the fall of 1874 as the beginning of the forty-year harvest of the Gospel age and day of wrath from the overthrow of all the institutions of 'this present evil world (or order of affairs),' we can see that facts have well borne out those predictions of Scripture."

The Watchtower Reprints, July 15, 1905, p. 3576

Charts showing 1874 date. The Battle of Armageddon, (SS-4), 1912 ed., p. 621

"Our Lord, the appointed King, is now present, since October 1874, A. D. according to the testimony of the prophets, to those who have ears to hear it..."

The Watchtower, September 15, 1922, p. 278

"No one can properly understand the work of Godas this present time who does not realize that since 1874, the time of the Lord's return in power, there has been a complete change in God's operations."

The Watchtower, March 1, 1923, p. 67

" The Scriptures show that his second presence was due in 1874. This proof shows that the Lord has been present since 1874."

The Watchtower, January 1, 1924, p. 5

"Surely there is not the slightest room for doubt in the mind of a truly consecrated child of God that the Lord Jesus is present and has been since 1874..."

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