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The Watchtower Reprints, October 1, 1917, p. 6149

"The parallel, therefore, would establish definitely that the harvest would close forty years thereafter; to wit, in the spring of A.D. 1918. If this be true, and the evidence is very conclusive that it is true, then we have only a few months in which to labor before the great night settles down when no man can work."

The Finished Mystery (SS-7), 1917 ed., p. 62

"The data presented in comments on Rev. 2:1 prove that the conquest of Judea was not completed until the day of the Passover, A.D. 73, and in the light of the foregoing Scriptures, prove that the Spring of 1918 will bring upon Christendom a spasm of anguish greater even than that experienced in the Fall of 1914. Reexamine the table of the Parallel Dispensations in STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES, Vol. 2, pages 246 and 247; change the 37 to 40, 70 to 73, and 1914 to 1918, and we believe it is correct and will be fulfilled 'with great power and glory.' (Mark 13:26)"

The Finished Mystery (SS-7), 1917 ed., p. 128

"It seems conclusive that the hour of Nominal Zion's travail is fixed for the Passover of 1918. (See Rev. 3:14.) That will be 7 years prior to 1925. At that time there is every reason to believe the fallen angels will invade the minds of many of the Nominal Church people, driving them to exceedingly unwise conduct and leading to their destruction at the hands of the enraged masses, who will later be dragged to the same fate."

The Finished Mystery (SS-7), 1917 ed., p. 129

"Brother Russell put the question to three prominent brethren, all of whom replied that they did not know, but were willing to wait and see.

When he called upon me I said, 'Since the year 73 A.D. saw the complete overthrow of nominal Natural Israel in Palestine, so in the parallel year 1918, I infer we should look for the complete overthrow of nominal Spiritual Israel; i.e., the fall of Babylon.' (Rev.18.) Brother Russell replied; 'Exactly. That is exactly the inference to draw.' The conclusion of the Church's career comes first. (Rev. 3:14.)"

The Finished Mystery (SS-7), 1917 ed., p. 398- 399

"The people who are the strength of Christendom shall be cut off in the brief but terribly eventful period beginning in 1918 A.D. A third part are 'burned with fire in the midst of the city.' Fire symbolizes destruction. One large part of the adherents of ecclesiasticism will die from pestilence and famine. (Deut. 32:24.)ÉAfter 1918 the people supporting churchianity will cease to be its supporters, be destroyed as adherents, by the spiritual pestilence of errors abroad, and by the famine of the Word of God among them. The Sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17), which is the Word of God, will be wielded in the hands of 'Present

Truth' believers in such a manner as to cause conscientious supporters of ecclesiasticism to cease to be supporters."

The Finished Mystery (SS-7), 1917 ed., p. 404

"The trouble is due to the dawning of the Day of Christ, the Millennium. It is the Day of Vengeance, which began in the world war of 1914 and which will break like a furious morning storm in 1918. Lam. 4:18."

The Finished Mystery (SS-7), 1917 ed., p. 485

"Also, in the year 1918, when God destroys the churches wholesale and the church members by millions, it shall be that any that escape shall come to the works of Pastor Russell to learn the meaning of the downfall of 'Christianity.'"

The Watchtower Reprints, January 1, 1918, p. 6191

"What will the year of 1918 bring forth? This question is upon the lips of every class of men. The world looks and hopes for those things which constitute its highest ideals--peace, plenty, health and happiness. The Christian looks for the year to bring the full consummation of the church's hopes."

The Watchtower Reprints, May 1, 1918, p. 6243

"That the harvest began in 1878, there is ample and convincing proof. The end of the harvest is due in the spring of 1918."

The Watchtower Reprints, May 1, 1918, p. 6243

"The doom of Babylon is sealed and has been announced. God has smitten her with plagues (Revelation 16:20,21); and her destruction willfollow shortly."

Vindication I, 1931 ed., p. 338-339

"There was a measure of disappointment on the part of Jehovah's faithful ones on earth concerning the years 1914, 1918, and 1925, which disappointment lasted for a time. Later the faithful learned that these dates were definitely fixed in the Scriptures; and they also learned to quit fixing dates for the future and predicting what would come to pass on a certain date."

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