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The Watchtower Reprints, April 15, 1909, p.4374

"(1) Abstain from sacrifices to idols;

(2) and from blood,

(3) and from things strangled:É

It is our opinion, therefore that these items thus superadded to law of love should be observed by all spiritual Isaelites as representing the divine will."

Blood, Medicine, and the Law of God, 1961 ed., p. 54

"They know that if they violate God's law on blood and the child dies in the process, they have endangered that child's opportunity for everlasting life in God's new world."

Jehovah's Witnesses on Blood, 1977 ed., p. 18-19

"Persons who recognize their dependence on the Creator and Life-Giver should be determined to obey his commands. This is the firm position that Jehovah's Witnesses takeÉ It is out of obedience to the highest authority in the universe, the Creator of life, that they refuse to take blood into their systems either by eating or by transfusion. The issue of blood for Jehovah's Witnesses, therefore, involves the most fundamental principles on which they as Christians base their lives."

Awake!, June 22, 1982, p. 25

"Jehovah's Witnesses accept medical and surgical treatment. In fact, scores of them are physicians, even surgeons. But Witnesses are deeply religious people who believe that blood transfusion is forbidden for them by Biblical passages such as 'only flesh with its soul - blood -you must not eat' (Genesis 9:3-4); '(You must ) pour its blood out and cover it with dust' (Leviticus 17:13-14); and 'Abstain fromÉ fornication and from what is strangled and from blood' (Acts 15: 19-21).1

While these verses are not stated in medical terms, Witnesses view them as ruling out transfusion of whole blood, packed RBC's , and plasma, as well as WBC and platelets administration. However, Witnesses' religious understanding does not absolutely prohibit the use of components such as albumin, immune globulins, and hemophiliac preparations, each Witness must decide individually if he can accept these."

The Watchtower, June 15, 1991, p. 31

"Some modern laws that are basically good may be misapplied to authorize the forcing of a blood transfusion on a Christian. In this case Christians must take the same stand that the apostle Peter did 'We must obey God as ruler rather than men.' -Acts 5:29"

Awake!, May 22, 1994, p. 2

"In former times thousands of youths died for putting God first. They are still doing it, only today the drama is played out in hospitals and courtrooms, with blood transfusions the issue."

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