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The Watchtower Reprints, May 15, 1917, p. 6086

"every one in America should take pleasure in displaying the American flag"

The Watchtower Reprints, May 15, 1917, p. 6086

"Since the Bethel Home was established in one end of the Drawing Room there has been kept a small bust of Abraham Lincoln with two American flags displayed about the bust. This is deemed entirely proper."

The Watchtower, June 15, 1964, p. 378

"Well, what is a flag? It is an image made by man; it is a representation of the State. Flags often contain representations of things in the heavens, such as stars, as well as things on earth. So to dedicated Christians, kneeling before or saluting a flag would be a violation of the Second Commandment and of the Christian command to 'flee from idolatry.'"

Awake!, September 8, 1971, p. 14

"There are Christians today who feel similarly regarding national flags. They are Jehovah's witnesses. Their position is the same the world over. Being keenly aware of the Scriptural command to 'flee from idolatry,' they decline to participate in flag ceremonies."

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