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The Watchtower Reprints, November 1881, p. 298

"And we might add that so perfectly is his Bride -body- church, associated with him both in filling up the measure of the sufferings - being joined in sacrifice and also in the Glory that shall follow, that the same titles are applicable to the Church as his bodyÉ After the sacrifice - soon follows the power which will, under him as our head, constitute the whole body of Christ the 'Mighty God' (el -powerful one ) to rule and bless the nations - and the body with the head, shall share in the work of restoring the life lost in Adam, and therefore be members of that company which as a whole will be Everlasting Father to the restored race."

The Watchtower Reprints, December 1881, p. 301

"Now we appear like men, and all die naturally like men, but in the resurrection we will rise in our true character as Gods."

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