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Aid to Bible Understanding, 1969 ed., p. 886

"Use of the Name in the Christian Greek ScripturesÉ Why, the, the absence of its full form from the Christian Greek Scriptures?"

Aid to Bible Understanding, 1969 ed., p. 887

"Why, then, is the name absent from the extant manuscripts of the Christian Greek Scriptures or so called "New Testament"? Evidently because by the time those extant copies were made (from the third century CE onward) the original text of the writings of the apostles and disciples had been altered. The divine name in Tetragrammaton form was undoubtedly replaced with Ky'ri-os and ho Theo-os' by later copyists, which is precisely what the facts show was done in later copies of the Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Scriptures."

New World Translation, 1984 p. 9-10

Manuscripts j1-j27 (all after 1500 CE) sited to support use of Jehovah in NT New World Translation, 1984 p. 1564-1566 Explanation of NT usage of Jehovah in NWT

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