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The very word conveys a deep human need--to know the future! The Bible is full of prophecies from beginning to end, and their interpretations have kept students very busy indeed. Every one of the Bible's prophecies from the past have been fulfilled in history right on time. This makes the Bible unique. Because it is so reliable, we can be full of faith that the prophecies for the future will be fulfilled also, right on time! This is the "UP" side to prophecy. Unfortunately, there is also a "DOWN" side!

The "down" side is that prophecy is also subject to wrong interpretation, and many have been led astray by pseudo-scholars. Let's consider a few.

We must begin with the cult groups, all of which have begun with a proven false prophet. Charles Taze Russell of the modern-day Jehovah's Witnesses began a legacy of over 100 years of false prophecies, supposedly based on the Bible. Many splinter groups follow his teachings devotedly, even though his sorry record is available for all to examine.

Next we come to Joseph Smith Jr., the founder of the modern-day Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. His prophecies also proven false, yet his uninformed followers press on, believing he is a true prophet of God.

Ellen G. White, founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church also prophecied falsely, yet her followers today consider her writings of "equal inspiration with the scriptures".

There are numerous other groups begun by false prophets, but space does not permit us to elaborate further. All of these groups have engaged in cover-ups to protect their founders, withholding vital knowledge from their followers, fervently hoping they will not dig too deeply.

So much for the cults. Now on to the Church, who should know better!

The gullible believers who do not know their Bibles well, are prey to a modern-day pack of wolves who are identified as "prophets" or as having the "gift of prophecy" and who regularly "prophecy" over the sheep and then fleece them real close, too close for comfort!

We regularly deal with many who have been ravaged by these wolves and have very nearly lost their faith trying to follow these "prophecies" for their lives. Is there any worse feeling in this life than to know you've been "had"?

Time and again I have heard these "prophets" take an obscure passage of scripture and put a new twist on it. Sometimes it is not prophectic scripture at all, but sometimes it is. I always wished we Christians had a tool to use to check out these dubious references quickly, and thereby check out the "prophets" making them. I was delighted to find a book called "Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy" by Thomas Ice and Timothy Demy. Here are some quotes from the introduction to this excellent book.

"Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy gives a summary of important words and phrases to help you gain a better understanding of biblical prophecy. The topics are presented alphabetically, and charts accompany many of the entries to help you visualize the concepts...

This book is designed to be a ready reference, a source for quick overviews and fast facts. We have not engaged in lengthy discussions or debates of opposing perspectives, but have tried to provide concise presentations....".

This alphabetical format is just great. If someone uses a term you aren't too familiar with, you can easily look it up and check it out. For example, all cult groups have had a field day with the term "abomination of desolation", changing its definition, time-frame, and prophectic application. By looking up the term in this book you can immediately find out where it is referred to in the Bible, and its historic fulfillment.

Many of you may be saying "huh??!!". Sunday-morning Christians have probably never heard this term used in a sermon, yet Jesus used it! This book reviews this term in just 4 paragraphs and will enlighten you. I'm not going to comment further--you'll have to read the book!

Prophecy is a very important subject and a fascinating one, but it comes with biblical warnings.

Not only does the Bible give us a simple test for prophets (namely that what they prophesy does not come true--see Deut. 18:18-20 etc.) but it also instructs people not to fear false prophets as they are under death sentence for daring to prophecy falsely in God's name.

It amazes me that these modern-day prophetic wolves feel they can be prophets by prophesying correctly only a percentage of the time! They feel their percentage of false utterances are just ignored by God! They need to repent publicly and privately if they hope to escape God's judgement! They need to realize the seriousness of taking the name "prophet" to themselves. The Church needs to wake up!

The Bible reveals three sources for prophecy. One, it is from God and inspired by Him. Two, it is from the Devil and inspired by him. Thirdly, prophecies can come out of "the flesh", or out of our "own spirit".

Since so many prophets, past and present have so many failed prophecies, we know they have not prophecied by God's direction , or under the influence of the Holy Spirit, or by help from the angels.


This leaves us with two alternatives for the false prophecies uttered. They are from Satan, or they are from "the flesh"

.All questionable prophets would choose the last option-"- I made a mistake, I got carried away," or the Watchtower's favorite "I got new light!". It all boils down to the fact that it was done in the flesh, and not in the Spirit.

Is this a legitimate "out" for these false prophets? No, for God's word states plainly in Ezekiel, chapter 13 the results of prophesying falsely. This chapter is written to those who claim to be God's prophets. Verse 3 says, "...Woe to the foolish prophets who are following their own spirit and have seen nothing". Verse 6 says..."yet they hope for fulfillment of their word". Verse 8 sums it up saying "Because you have sopken falsehood and seen a lie, therefore behold, I am against you" declares the Lord God.

What a good description of what is going on in some churches! Christians, we shouldn't place ourselves in a position of vulerability to these self-proclaimed prophets!

Don't believe their lies that God is doing "a new thing" that "doctrine doesn't matter anymore". That is just the opposite of what God says!

Just because they use some Biblical words don't automatically assume they're legitimate. We need to educate ourselves on the subject of prophecy. This new book will really help us.

We at MacGregor Ministries have been the subject of the wrath of some of these "prophets" due to our biblical criticism of them, and dire predictions have been foretold for us. However the Lord has seen fit to do just the opposite, blessing us and keeping us in His care. We reserve our fear for fear of the Lord, not any man.

All of us who love the Lord and are looking for His coming soon, want to be found faithful as His Bride, accurately handling the Word of God. We are thankful others feel the same way, and so we are happy to recommend this handbook on prophecy.



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