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July 2000


The Truth About the Bible


We, as Christians place our faith in the written word of God as an accurate, reliable source of truth.

Have you felt rather beaten down lately for your stand for Bible truth? Of course, we expect cult groups like the Mormons to attack the word of God, saying in their Statement of Faith that they believe the Bible only where it is "translated correctly". When you disprove their faulty doctrine with the pure word of God, guess what? "Not translated correctly there!" How convenient!

Did you know Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (and many other split-offs) actually rewrote the King James Bible to suit himself, mainly changing "God" to "gods", since he considered himself one? Of course, he elevated himself to rule in the celestial heavens, relegating Jesus to a lower heaven, the terrestrial one. Such an ego!

Moving on to the Jehovah's Witnesses, they require a whole new "translation" so they can somehow squirm around and deny the Deity of Jesus Christ and reduce Him to an Archangel and a mere man. The fact that they have no Greek or Hebrew Scholars should alert one to the possibility that they have been "had" by the New World Distortion (oops--I mean Translation). They will have much to answer for when they stand before the judgment throne of God for their tampering with His Word, which touches the Person of God, Himself and misrepresents Him. Blatant heresy!

The Seventh-day Adventists have seen fit to put their spin on the Scriptures too, with the publication of their "Clear Word Bible" and their Study Bible. Both have inserted the peculiar interpretations of their prophetess, Ellen G. White. In some instances they have added up to 300 words to a single text! Shame on them!

Then we come to the critics of the Bible, usually learned folks who don't want any rules to live by, so attempt to discredit the Bible by "higher criticism" and "scholarly-sounding quotes". They make bold statements that the Bible is "full of errors and contradictions". Many believe their false statements and won't even give the Bible a chance because they have heard it criticized so much.

I am frankly appalled when I see some of the Television shows that are supposed to be portrayals of Bible events. Not only are they inaccurate and embellished, but they openly criticize the Bible. They minimize God's word and put it on a level playing field with ridiculous myths, treating them all the same. Downright discouraging.

All these attacks on God's word are bad enough, but now we come to our own "Christian Community" found within churches believed to be Evangelical and Pentecostal in belief, having a perfectly proper Bible in their hands which they carry around.


The hyper Word-Faith devotees have adopted the heresy that they are "gods" themselves. They look to their human teachers for their doctrine, rather than checking things out in the Bible. Oh, their leaders quote such scriptures as suit their teachings on prosperity, healing and giving. (Send God money, but use their address!) They put great faith in "revelation" teaching, thereby knowingly or unknowingly relegating the Bible to second place. They even believe that Christ had to be born again --in Hell yet!! The Bible is disregarded or ignored where it plainly corrects their wrong doctrines. Church, please awake before it's too late!

Lastly, we have the latest so-called "revival" marked by laughter, shaking and quaking, being stuck to the floor, and crowing, all in the name of the "move of God". That these manifestations are taught nowhere in Scripture doesn't bother them a bit. They boldly declare that God is doing a "new thing". The Bible says that God does not change and that His Word endures forever, but they don't believe that. They have a whole bunch of "prophets" who must be believed and followed. Often these prophecies are way off the mark and fail, but even that doesn't bother them, as long as a "percentage" comes true!

Friends, it is time to return to the clear teaching of Scripture and conform our lives to God's requirements for us. It's time to stop seeking for our own selfish "experiences" and reach out to the lost and hurting with the message of salvation! It's time to recognize the Bible for what it is--the inerrant Word of God which gives us everything we need and more!

Now that I've gotten all this off my chest, I was delighted to find a small book which is power-packed with interesting facts about the Bible. It's called "Knowing the Truth About The Reliability of the Bible".

This book was written by our friend in the faith, John Ankerberg, assisted by John Weldon. Both are respected Bible Scholars. They point out on page 4,

"Yet the Bible claims to be the revealed Word of God to man (John 1:12,13; 3:16; 17:3; 1 John 5:9-15). Further it tells us how we may come to know God personally. If the Bible is true, then in its pages we can find ultimate meaning for our lives and the God we have searched for.... ".

Page 5 continues,

"We have written this booklet so that Christians will be encouraged in their faith and non-Christians will be challenged to investigate the Bible further--to read it, ponder it, and ultimately to accept it for what it is."

The Thessalonians appreciated the words of Paul, "We also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is at work in you who believe". (Thess. 2:13 NIV).

The first section of the book presents a general defense and proper understanding of the biblical doctrine of inerrancy, the teaching that the Bible is without error.

In the second section they document the accuracy of the Bible textually, historically, and archaeologically.

In the third section they examine specific critical arguments about the Bible and show why they are wrong.

What a little gem this book really is! When you have strengthened your own faith

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