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June. 2004


Dilemma Over Demons-

a New DVD

by Lorri MacGregor & the MM Team.



Consider these scenarios, based on actual occurrences within the framework of the Christian Church.

A woman awaiting test results for cancer answers a call by the Pastor to come forward for prayer for healing. She expects to be anointed with oil and prayed for by the Pastor and the elders of her church. Instead, a visiting Pastor steps forward and begins ordering a demon out of her, calling her possible sickness a demon of cancer.

She is very upset and embarrassed with this loud turn of events, and looks around in panic for someone she knows to rescue her. No help is forthcoming. The man seems to be looming over her, advancing on her, causing her to lean back. He urges her to "let go", and she stumbles backward, losing balance. She bumps into a "catcher" standing behind her, and finds herself on the floor! Humiliated, she dissolves into tears and sobs for some time. She is devastated and mortified. What was he trying to do she asked us? We explained, he was trying to blame her illness on a "generational curse" and "deliver her". He believed all sickness was really demons.

She wonders why all this happened to her when she was just trying to obey the Scriptures which says, "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: and the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up...". (James 5:l4,15).

Another Christian woman seeks counseling for marriage troubles. She fears her husband is having an affair and will ask her for a divorce. She believed he was a nominal Christian when she married him, but the intervening years have proven that he does not live by Christian standards, and in fact, may be an unbeliever.

Seeking comfort and guidance from the Bible she pours out her troubles to a Christian Counselor. She wants to save her marriage. To her surprise she is told that she, herself, a lifelong committed Christian is to blame. The counselor explains that she needs to undergo deliverance from a generational curse hanging on from her ancestors. She undergoes hours of intense questioning regarding her ancestors, but everything she knows about them is good. They all loved the Lord and lived their lives in the Christian community, as far as she knows.

This answer does not please the counselor, and so the counselor enters into intense prayer for the Lord to "reveal" the curse. The counselor then tells her astonis-hed patient that the curse originated some centuries back, when there was a witch in the family and the "spirit of witchcraft" has been passed down ever since, finally landing on her, and causing her marriage to fail.

To this Christian woman's credit, she gets up and leaves, ultimately seeking good, sound, biblical counsel for herself, that actually deals with the real problems in her marriage. She is grateful for her "escape" from this scenario.

Other women, not so grounded in the Christian faith, and perhaps from a dysfunctional background, enter into these ongoing "deliverances" believing them-selves to be "demonized". They are told how their "bloodlines" carry the curses from past generations. They get into an endless cycle of emotionally-draining, intense experiences as one "generational curse" after another is "revealed" to the counselor.

Gone is the peace that passes all understanding in their relationship with Christ, replaced by fear of curses, and control by their counselors. They become more and more dysfunctional and dependent, rather than getting well. The resulting financial drain only adds to their misery.

A young man attends a youth revival at an extreme manifestations-type Church. He knows his behavior is destructive--the aimless pursuit of drugs, booze, and sex. He is caught up in the loud, pulsating, music of the "worship" service. He joins in the dancing and swaying with the others that goes on for an hour or so.

Feeling drained, he sits down to listen. He is taken with the passionate message that Jesus loves him just as he is, and all he has to do is come forward, and accept Jesus and he will find joy and happiness unending. No mention is made of repentance, sanctification, or the judgment of God awaiting sinners. No teaching is present that Jesus is God. His fuzzy concept that Jesus was a good man long ago is left unchallenged, and remains with him.

Nevertheless, it all sounds good to him. He comes forward, and is surrounded by enthusiastic young people who have him repeat a prayer after them. He repeats the prayer, feeling too overwhelmed with emotions to really understand what this new experience is all about. But it sure feels good! He thinks, "Wow! I'm on a high better than the drugs! This is great!". It's Jesus for me!

In the days to come, he really tries to live like the others. He comes to the youth meetings. He enjoys the music and the shapely young dancers on the stage dancing disco-style to the beat. He is told to be "extreme" for God, He seeks after God's presence through manifestations and emotions, imitating the others.

Trouble is, despite his best efforts, his ardor for God cools, and he finds himself slipping back into his old life and habits, when he's not at church activities. He is genuinely distressed by this as he wants to walk with God. He prays to God for help and throws himself even more into Church functions. It doesn't work. He approaches the youth pastor, pouring out his heart and asking for help.

The young man is told that none of this is his fault--it is the fault of the demons, and he needs to get rid of these demons before he can live a victorious life. He enters into a cycle of deliverance from generational curses, various demons revealed to those praying for him. He even ends up throwing up into a bucket. After a long time with no lasting victory, he feels he is doomed to be "demonized" and drifts away from the Church, back into his old life.

Time passes before a Christian again enters his life. This Christian shares his testimony of what Christ means to him. He explains salvation patiently. He clearly identifies the true Jesus Christ, explaining what His sacrifice did for all mankind. The weary seeker watches this Christian man's life closely for some time before he finally cries out to Jesus Christ to be born again by His Spirit. He repents of his sins and truly vows to live for God. He is truly born again.

There is a dilemma over demons in the church today. Christians are told they are not to blame for their problems, but are under "generational curses" from which they need "deliverance". They are told all sicknesses are really demons requiring "deliverance".

Christians are urged to "bind the strong man" by engaging in all kinds of demon-related activities the New Testament Church knew nothing about! All this demon-centered activity allows them little time to really preach the gospel and reach the lost.

What is the truth of the matter? Can a Christian have a demon? Can a demon have a Christian? What about generational curses? What about all this "binding and loosing" of demonic forces? What about territorial spirits? What is true spiritual warfare that a Christian is supposed to engage in? What does the Bible really teach? It is time these issues were addressed!

Our compelling new video, "Dilemma Over Demons" answers these questions. It is a fast-paced documentary on the demon-chasers movement within the Christian church. Prepare to be shocked by some of the footage! Most importantly, it takes all of the scriptures used by this movement, puts them in their proper context, and lets the light of the Scriptures shine through all this confusion. We urge you to get your video or DVD without delay! They are available now. (Please see order form )


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