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January 2003


Benny Hinn

God's man or Show man?


We have received many comments about our video, "Christian Counterfeiters". Most express their shock and concerns about the segments on Benny Hinn, and his antics, exposed for all to see.

Some are mortified that they have supported his ministry with prayers and financial support for many years, never picking up on his obvious Biblical errors and heresies. Many have repented before God in true sorrow over having been so deceived, and have vowed to return to biblically-sound teachings.

Most amusing to us, are those who are surprised to find us alive, well, and blessed, in spite of criticizing the doctrines of "God's anointed", Benny Hinn. According to Benny, we should already be struck down and cursed. Rather than cringing in fear as they would like, we are carrying on with the ministry God has called us to, and rejoicing in God's goodness and blessings to us. Obviously God is greater than Benny's curses on his critics!

Unbelievably, these fearful ones are ready to "excuse" all his "faults" and heresies. They feel we should have covered them over in deference to his status as a "great man of God". In reality, they can't admit they've been "had" and so they enter a phase of deep denial, trying to "excuse" him in their own minds and hearts. After all, it's a very unpleasant sensation to find one has been made a fool of, doctrinally and financially.

They also find themselves in the position of having to deny the clear words of the Bible in order to defend Benny. We can only pray they will find their way out of this web of deception spun by the showman, Benny Hinn. They need to "...let God be found true, though every man a liar...". (Romans 3:4)

We recently attended a satellite showing of an Atheist debating a Christian over the existence of God. The Atheist was plainly disgusted over Christians who persisted in believing, despite the alleged "lack of facts" for God. He accused us of being no better than people who believed in the tooth fairy or Benny Hinn! How gullible could we be!!

We found it ironic that even an unbeliever and God-denier, could nevertheless pinpoint Benny as an obvious phony! We could see why Christianity was so unattractive to this man, if being a Christian, in his mind, involved belief in such a showman as Benny Hinn. Turns out the Atheist wasn't much better, demanding that God manifest Himself immediately, right on the stage, if He really existed! Benny has also promised such a manifestation in his crusades. God has not answered either of these prideful summonses. Both of these men need to learn that they cannot order God around! God is sovereign, not them!

Some years ago, Personal Freedom Outreach published an excellent book called "The Confusing World of Benny Hinn", authored by Richard Fisher and Kurt Goedelman and others. They have recently updated this book, which is now in its eighth edition.

It is a well-written documentary on the life and ministry of Benny Hinn. It begins with the many variations and embellishments of Benny's own personal testimony of faith in Christ. One wonders, which version one should believe? They are quite different. Interviews with eye-witnesses to his "conversion" are very telling. It's like Jesus said, if the foundation of your house is not built on the rock, but on shifting sand, you're in trouble!

The book exposes Benny's claim to be an "Israelite" and a "Hebrew". He is neither, as he is not Jewish. Both his parents are Arabs who moved to Israel, and Benny Hinn is also an Arab born in Israel. This makes him an Arab Israeli, but never a Hebrew, Israelite, or a Jew, as he prefers.

His fabrications about his life in Israel are also exposed, with good documentation. This man just can't seem to tell the same story twice!

Examined too, are his claims to be a "master of the Bible", even though he has no formal training, and admittedly, even by Benny, no time to ever study! He does, however, find fragments of Scriptures and embellishes them, usually wildly out of context. All the while he exclaims, "it's in the Bible!". He credits these astounding revelations and additions to Scripture as "God told me", or credits some "vision" or "revelation knowledge". The book exposes many of these wild claims and interpretations, and corrects them from the Bible, so Benny's errors are obvious to all who value God's Word above all else.

Did you know that Hinn's vast organization cannot, or will not, produce ONE documented case of a person being truly healed at one of his crusades? Those he has paraded on TV as being healed as evidence of his "anointing" are examined in this book. Folks, haven't you ever wondered why no "creative" miracles are ever televised? (crooked limbs being straightened etc.) Because they never happen at Hinn's crusades!

It's all smoke and mirrors and hype!

Everyone on stage is previously screened and their illnesses are always something that can't be seen easily --i.e. back trouble, cancer, arthritis etc. A frenzied Benny and the person can shout "I'm healed!" all they want, and fall down many times, but what are the facts after the crusade? The facts are not one medically documented healing is available!

We are not saying that God cannot heal people--He can and does, but He does it the Biblical way, His way. If sick, we are instructed to call for the elders of the Church to pray over us (notice they come to us--we don't go to some "healing meeting"). We can also pray privately, or have someone pray with us. We need to remember that God is sovereign, as He says in Jeremiah 17:14: "Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; Save me and I will be saved. For Thou art my praise".

When God heals us or saves us, it is genuine, and it is His doing. All our theatrics, cursing, and commanding, will avail us nothing if we are not in God's timing and will. Many desperate people use their last strength to go to a crusade with every belief and hope for a healing, and return home, heartbroken over being refused a place in the "healing line", and quietly die. Many die blaming themselves for not having enough faith etc., as they are taught not to question the "healer”. How tragic.

Even more serious are Benny's excursions into the world of the occult, and his influence over his followers to do the same. One of Benny's heroes is the late, dead, Kathryn Kuhlman and he talks to her and frequents her grave, looking for her alleged "anointing" to fall on him. He also claims to have visited with her in dreams and visions and gotten direction for his ministry from her. Friends, necromancy (communication with the dead) is strictly forbidden in Scripture. The next time Benny comes on stage, dressed all in white like his hero, Kathryn, usually to the tune of "How Great Thou Art", be forewarned! He is not what he seems!

We know there are times when Benny does preach acceptable, sound doctrine, but then he spoils this by mixing in heresy. Jesus warned that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Truth and error are not an acceptable mixture in the eyes of God. The state of the church in general today is deplorable, with a mix and a muddle in many cases.

We in the counter cults ministries have been monitoring Benny Hinn for years and sounding the warning, admittedly without much response. However, we sense a change lately with many more asking questions and starting to suspect something is wrong.

If you haven't seen the video "Christian Counterfeiters", we suggest you do. The new book, "The Confusing World of Benny Hinn" will not only document the video concerning him, but also introduce you to many eye-opening facts you need to know.

We believe God is calling His body to repentance and sound doctrine. Shouldn't we all respond? Why be afraid to check things out? After all, truth never disturbs truth, it only disturbs error. It is the truth that will set you free as Jesus promised.


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