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The following articles were featured in our N&V magazine over the past few years.

Other articles on the same topics may be found on our web. New articles added each quarter.


During 2002-2004 an number of articles appeared on the "John Ankerberg" Show Web site.

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A Watchtower Response to Baptism for the Dead

A Visit to the Mormon Temple

A Ex-Jehovah Witness who has a relationship with the Real Christ Jesus!

Baptism for the Dead

Bill Gothard Man of God or Questionable Leader?

Benny Hinn God's man or Showman?

Celestial Mormon Marriage

Christian Counterfeiters DVD plus several testimonies.

Contemplative Meditation ?

Comments on Conversions

Deception on Death & Dying

Delemma Over Demons

DNA and the Book of Mormon

Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy

Facts Seventh-day Adventists Won't Tell You

Healing by "God's" Prophets

Islam--a Raging Storm

Is Seventh-day Adventism Really Christian?

Is 2005 a New Date for Jehovah's Witnesses?

Is The Watchtower Society Cheating the Canadian Government?

Jehovah's Witnesses and their Strange Bedfellows

Our Readers Write

Roberta's Story

Should YOU Pay Attention to... Pay Attention to Daniels Prophecy?

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Scarlet-colored Wild Beast

The Truth About the Bible

The Door-to-Door Work of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Checkered History of the Watchtower Michael

The Language of the Muslims

The Real Jesus

The State of the Dead

The Watchtower Society And Taxes

The United Pentecostal Church International (Jesus Only) UPC

The Twelve Tribes Examined

When Does A Jehovah's Witness Actually get "Saved"?

Was Charles T. Russell a Mason?



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