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April 2004

Several comments from our readers.......


A Life of Serving God



"...For the last 5 days I've been re-reading your News & Views back to 1996. If I were closer I'd come and volunteer my time. In '97 you seemed to be under the weather Lorri and both of you were "wore out"...I hope you got 40,000 subscriptions to your News & Views by now!

I have been a follower of Jesus for 45 years, and I know how to live for Jesus and can pick out cults. Once in grace, always in grace! ...consider those "name it and claim it" preachers. I listen to one guy who calls them thieves, hypocrites, liars...he calls out names like Kenneth Copeland..those "seed guys". I get mail every week...with all kinds of "seed" gimmicks. I rebuke them and put powerful tracts in their "no postage necessary" envelopes, and mail them back!

I'm like you folks. I don't play with the gospel. I was raised under an old-time holiness Mother. I stayed out late at night and she was praying at home, mentioning her son's name to the Lord. I loved my mother but I was having fun sinning and didn't want to change--new Ford convertible and money to spend. But at age 28 and some problems, I gave it up and have enjoyed salvation ever since.

Friends, after going to the same church for 44 years, I have quit. I was the leader of the five visitation teams, leader of the greeters, leader of the men's fellowship, plus did repairs on the three Church buildings, plus snow-bladed with my pickup truck.

Then I did a teaching on sin... explaining the difference between a slip (mistake) and intentional sin. The Pastor and a few others thought it was unkind and unloving. I had scriptures for everything I said, so told them if they wanted to replace me, just get together and do it, and they did.

The Pastor called three days later and asked me to come and see him. I wrapped up my church key in a piece of paper that said, "..and he opened not his mouth".

That ended it.

So, I am now the steward of the Lord's money that used to go to this church....I consider the gospel of Jesus Christ as the storehouse for this tithe money. So, I've been contented now, very busy for Jesus.

Just sent out money for 100,000 tracts to be printed. On a trip to Hawaii I passed out tracts everywhere. I went until I ran out at the Chicago Airport....We visited one small island where they couldn't speak English. I still gave out my tracts, crossed my chest, and pointed to the sky!

Here is an offering. Use it for your ads which may bring in more subscriptions! "


Mom Died A JW


"I'm taking this opportunity to thank you, once again, for your help and prayers for my parents in their JW beliefs, and for your research and preparation of many excellent materials.

My mother passed away after almost a month in hospice care at home, following another in a long chain of heart attacks and strokes over the past 20 years. She reluctantly followed my dad in his beliefs that the JW's were the most biblically correct in their teachings. My attempts, over the last few years, to show dad the biblical truth were met with scorn and even profanity, when he could not refute the truths you had shown me. Even our own minister admonished me to "stay away from the JW's, they can only lead to your destruction". You were a shining beacon in a dark sea of denials and refusal to talk with the Jehovah's Witnesses by supposedly Christian teachers who wrote them off. Bless you!

When I was notified of her passing, I asked dad to let me know when the funeral services would be, so that I could make the 1400 mile trip home in our car. I was told that mom was to be cremated immediately, without any viewing, and that there would probably be a memorial service at their Kingdom Hall within two to four weeks. The reason for such a lengthy time lapse was that their Kingdom Hall was holding five services each Sunday, and they would "try to work it in somewhere in between services as soon as they could". I guess they take Jesus' admonition, in Matthew 8:S22, to "let the dead bury their dead" literally.

I was told that I should not send flowers, since they don't do that, but I could send a card if I wished. The calousness of this statement struck me dumbfounded.

Instead, I have decided to send a gift to your ministry in memory of my mother, and in the hope that this small donation may help another JW find the true Jesus before it is too late.

My only hope and prayer is that the Lord looks deeply into mom's mind and heart to see that she really did love Him, but was led astray by man, although outwardly she did make her choice to follow her husband into the JW's." (contributed).

In Custody Court


"I thought I would tell you how things went in the first round of court. Well, both my ex and his attorney were caught in a lie by the judge. I had talked to my attorney about their "justifiable lying" doctrine ahead of time, so she was well aware of what was going to come down the line.

My ex was dumb enough to try and claim he was never notified that he owed child support, alimony, etc. The judge pulled a letter out of the court file from my ex to the clerk of court. The letter contained information he was wanting concerning these issues. I pulled two more letters out of my file and gave them to my attorney to give to the judge...The judge was furious!!!

My attorney was amazed at how prepared I was. I told her I owed it to you and your ministry. Had I not talked to you on a few occasions I would not have had the know-how to prepare for the case. I knew nothing of what to expect from these type of people.

And his new wife!!! ooohhh!!! Let me tell you about that one...I overheard her telling my ex's attorney all about my ex and I...I told my attorney she needed to close her mouth, because she had only been around for the past year. Seeing her in action is preparing me for the next round. She is a typical "know-it-all". I have read and re-read your site and I feel confident now to get what I need to assist with the next court case.

I'll tell you what--the Dateline Program would have a field day with this one when its over. If the JW's in Brooklyn knew what my ex is doing in their name, I'm sure he's be booted right out of the organization, along with his mother and his new wife...I will let you know how things are going, and as always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help. I don't know where my kids and I would be if it weren't for your site". (contributed).

How to Raise Money When You Do Not Fear God

By Rev. R. S. Liichow


1. Outright lie, tell your audience that you are building an orphanage in Haiti (like Robert Tilton did). People absolutely love to give to projects.

2. Sell people bricks or leaves, with their names inscribed on them for $250 or more each. This appeals to people's vanity. After all, we want the left hand to know what the right is doing, right? These will be displayed in the Healing Garden!

3. Ask people to donate their stock to the ministry. Joyce Meyer, Copeland, Duplantis, and many big-time ministries are making these appeals now and it seems to be working too.

4. Appeal to your older followers. Ask them to consider making an annuity to the ministry. Why leave your estate to your godless, wretched children? This too has been big with Oral Roberts and the late dad Hagin.

5. Remind the people that by sowing into your ministry, one day they too may own a Citation X private corporate jet. After all, God is no respecter of persons.

6. Never forget the tried and true point-of-contact ploy. Send out a fetish object which must be sent back to the anointed conduit (hopefully with a large "love" offering) in order to effect healing, deliverance, and salvation. This has been working for over 40 years and has raked in millions of dollars.

7. Rebuke the non-givers and remind them that they are "God thieves" robbing God (Mal. 3), and if they don't want to go straight to hell with the other rich man, they better get with the program and sow into the obviously fruitful soil.

8. When the newspapers begin to reveal the vast wealth of the ministry, tell the people it is a trick of the enemy and be even bolder in demanding the people to give (ask Joyce Meyer).

9. Do not hesitate to ask for jewelry, real estate, or inheritances.

These 9 tactics, although written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, are nonetheless accurately stated and used by every televangelist on the air today. Some individuals have used all 8 throughout a funding cycle year.

I left out number 9 which is "promise the people anything and everything if they will give to your ministry". Mrs. Marilyn Hickey is especially guilty of using this ploy, attached with various point-of-contact charms.

My dear friends our ministry fears God too much to even contemplate using such mach-sinations. Make no mistake, I am well versed in how it is done. After all, I did graduate from Robert Tilton's Bible School in the 1980's. I sat at the feet of one of the master religious con men alive.

I wish I could promise you a 100 fold return when you give to our ministry, but that would be a lie. It is my heart's desire to see your lost loved ones come to Christ or out of doctrinal error and false practice, but if and when they do, it will not be because you gave money to any ministry, including ours.

It'd be great if I could proclaim a "double portion" of my "anointing" into your spirit because you have given your best to God's "prophet". But my proclamation would be empty words for which I would have to account for on that great day.

I wish my old T-shirts had the power to heal your sick child or dying spouse, or drive out demonic forces which are tormenting your friends. The fact is, my T-shirt is just as powerful as Benny Hinn's. The only difference is that his shirt may smell like Armani and mine like Old Spice.

All I can do is to share our serious need for faithful monthly supporters and promise to be the best stewards of your gifts before God as I can be."

Note from Lorri: We concur with Robert's comments. Our ministry does not fundraise but relies on God touching the hearts of those we help. Robert is going through a difficult financial time with his Discernment Ministry exposing TV "evangelists". If you would like to send him a gift here is his address: Rev. R. Liichow, DMI, Box 15639, Detroit, MI 48215.

The Evils of Harry Potter


"I want to speak on a topic that for some time now my heart has been burdened with. It's the Harry Potter phen-omenon that is sweeping the world. Defenders of Harry Potter books say how children cannot get enough it seems, and start reading these books before they leave the book stores. They are truly obsessed with Harry. Harry is everywhere you look, and one can hardly go shopping anywhere without the constant reminder of the popularity of Harry Potter.

As a mother of an absolutely gorgeous two-year-old son, and a Christian, I have very strong concerns about where these things will lead. I believe God has laid His burden on my heart to stand against this. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ very much, and I just ask that you will hear me out on the subject of sorcery. What does God say about sorcerers?

The first scripture I want to turn to here is Revelation 21:8,

"But the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable, and murderers, and whore mongers, and sorcerers, and idolators, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.

If this verse alone does not put the fear of the Lord into you, you have a much bigger problem than watching Harry Potter! If you want more information about the "lake which burns with fire and brimstone", read Luke 16:19-31.

What is God's view of sorcery? Does He take sorcery lightly? I believe one of the strongest passages of Scripture to shed light on God's view of sorcery is found in Leviticus 20:6:

"...and they that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people".

This passage of Scripture is about children being sacrificed to Molech. Molech was a false god whose idol image was heated up until it was scorching hot. Infants were laid on his outstretched arms and rolled into the fire within. Horrible.

If we look for a modern-day application we could say that people can spiritually sacrifice their children to Molech by allowing their children to go after wizards.

2 Kings, chapter 21 talks about King Manasseh, who was only 12 years old when he began to reign. Verse six says that Manasseh dealt with familiar spirits and wizards. Notice that he, himself wasn't a wizard, but he dealt with wizards. This led to much wickedness and provoked the Lord to anger.

Those Christians today dealing with sorcerers and wizards in the guise of Harry Potter, should remember, "It's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God". I cry out with all my heart and soul to all, please repent to God for opening up your Christian family to such evil, get on your knees before the God of all lovingkindness and mercy before it's too late.

Leviticus 20:6 says that one who goes after wizards is committing spiritual fornication, for the Lord uses the term "to go a whoring after them". Are we condoning sorcerers and wizards through Harry Potter merchandise, believing it to be harmless "fantasy"?

Proverbs 14:12 says, "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" . Repentance is needed!

King Manasseh was one who repented. There was a happy ending for him in 2 Chronicles 33:12. He took action and removed the strange gods and idols out of the house of the Lord, cleansing God's place of worship. He became the grandfather of good King Josiah, his family restored to true worship.

Moving to the New Testament, the book of Acts, chapter 8, tells us about a sorcerer named Simon. He was held in great regard because of his sorceries. When he saw the powerful works of the apostles he wanted to buy in to this power. Peter said to Simon, "Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought the gift of God may be purchased with money". Simon feared God's wrath and asked for prayer.

Also in the book of Acts we read the account of those converted out of witchcraft . They took action and burned their witchcraft books, worth 50,000 pieces of silver at that time. I propose to the body of Christ that we really need to have the mother of all bonfires party, and bring on the books! I'll bring the pop and chips! (Suggested scriptures for Harry Potter Fans: Leviticus 20, 2 Kings 21; Micah 5:12; Acts 19:19)."

Help for a Muslim


"Recently a friend showed me a copy of your magazine, "News & Views", and after looking through it, I thought you might be able to help me.

My girlfriend and I have decided to get married after two years of dating, and now the trouble is starting! She and her mother are Catholic and are both quite devout. I am a Muslim, but I am not devout. The problem is that while I am not a strict Muslim and would be happy raising our future children either as non-religious or in a moderate form of Christianity, I don't want our children exposed to the rituals of Catholicism.

Many Muslims know that the Koran speaks mainly against Catholic Christians with its warnings against Mary-worship, statues, and the Trinity. While I am aware that Protestants also believe the Trinity, their belief is not as blatant as that of Catholics.

It would be difficult for me to see my child exposed to statues of Christ on the cross, or the Virgin Mary, the constant signing of the cross, and their devotion to the Pope, all of which are against Islam and, so I'm told, also Protestantism.

What are your views on the Catholic Church, and can you recommend some good literature on the subject? My future mother-in-law has always said she would listen to reason if anyone made a strong enough case. She does have a fear of reading anti-Catholic material, or even discussing it. Such literature would have to be very mild. Please send me a price list if you yourself have such material, plus a subscription form for your magazine.

In my view, the Catholic Church seems like the biggest cult in the world with its worship of Mary and the saints, and its Pope, all of which are unthinkable to the Islamic world, and also to the Protestants.

Doesn't it perfectly suit your ministry? Have you written on that subject in the past? If so, then a copy of that article might be a place to start with my fiancé and her mother. Please respond as you see fit. I am anxious to hear from you". (contributed).

Trouble with my JW Husband


"Thank you so much for the personal letter you sent me regarding my husband who is a JW and causing family problems. My sister was disfellowshiped from the JW's. There are no children involved, thank God. It seems to me that a lot of the young members are not having children (including my husband). They are having themselves "fixed" so they are unable to have children , waiting until the "New World".

It's hard creating a "warm and fuzzy place" for my husband, when I just want him to have an open mind and see what's really going on. I admit I have been going about things totally the wrong way by trying to preach to him and prove the JW's wrong. He seems to think I should have the "truth" and be willing to go to the elders for my answers. I tried to tell him I'm not interested in learning their "truth". I'm just interested in proving them wrong!

My sister talked to him last week, and that may have helped a little. Also, everytime he does something wrong, I ask him why it's OK to do this sin, but not to eat dinner with my family? So, he tries to prove himself to me. It's been a hard four months. I don't know what's happened to him all of a sudden. But if he refuses to ever see our family or friends again, I don't think our marriage could ever work. My family is very important.

His family is not so important to him. His father is an elder at another hall, and I don't think my husband would ever want to leave and disappoint them or embarrass them. His only family, seven of them, Mother, Father, grandmother, aunt, uncle and two cousins are all JW's.

I'm sending for several of your books etc., some for friends and my sister who still defends that religion at times. Any extra money please keep it all for the work you have done helping everyone. We need it! Thank you again and God bless you". (contributed).

I'm Escaping the Watchtower!


"I have to thank OUR LORD and you for help in coming out of the JW organization. It is thanks to your booklets and the prayers of others, that I finally saw the light earlier this year.

Since then, I have been trying to share what I am learning with others, first my own family, and then to the ones I loved in the congregation. Of course, since I disassociated myself, no one has been allowed to speak to me since. Nevertheless, I send e-mails to some on a regular basis, hoping that they open them and read them.

Recently, the elders again made a special talk on my subject, warning all in our congregation to not open the e-mails they get from me and to immediately delete them unread. I get my info from a disfellowshiped person who is trying to get reinstated, in order to regain his children.

I don't know what to do next, but at the very least I would like to start or be part of an outreach ministry to free the rest of the JW's in this area. I considered doing like you, and making some pamphlets and using the scriptures only, to attract those, who, like me, would put up a barrier when hearing of accusations of wrongdoing by the Society. I would only respond to being shown how the Scriptures were tampered with. However, I realize I could not direct them to you, as some speak only french, and you may not have that facility.

Do you have some advice for me? In the meantime I would like to give you a donation for your work...Thank you again for all your help and your precious ministry. In God's love and mercy..."





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