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From: "Robert Sanders" <>

Truth or Fables

Subject: FW: Former SDA's Testimony


Below is a letter from a former Seventh Day Adventist. I have permission from Thea, to publish her letter. In her letter you will see how the SDA Church brain-washes a person without them even realizing it at the time.

I know that this is true of many that have written me. When Adventists read the Bible, they are reading it through the eyes and interpretation of their prophet, Ellen White. Thus, when they read the Bible they are confused to the biblical teaching and are unaware of it. It is only when they leave EGW that they can see the Pure Word of God. I have also noticed many that have left Ellen White have asked "how do me understand the Bible"? Without EGW, Adventists have lost their "Bible Interpreter."

In fact it was also true in my own experience. My mind was so messed up with a diet of EGW's Bible interpretation for 37 years, that it took me at least two years of Bible study to sort it all out. We have been out of the SDA Church since 1994, and my wife will still ask, "is that in the Bible or is it Ellen White"?

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Please read Thea's testimony carefully.


Dear Brother in Christ,


As another *disenchanted* (No other word is SO apropos) SDA member as of 1977. I was an avid disciple of EGW from 1967.

Prior to baptism I was denied reading anything but, "Steps to Christ" by my pastor. I was refused listings of her books as he felt I "was not ready for them at this point."

I soon became very involved in the church and taught Adult Sabbath School Class, Bible School, led out as Missionary Volunteer, Ingathering every year, Camp Meetings, with all Special Meetings, our children sent to academies, and was truly supportive to every possible cause of Adventism.

We were spoon-fed the 'Private Interpreter's' last word in the Weekly Quarterly. And usually had a canned sermon on Sabbath Morning, in the afternoon we were commanded to go out into nature (Pantheism).

All of which WAS METHODICALLY CALCULATED by certain design, the SDA members never would never have the time to read the Bible from cover to cover for themselves, whereby they might have their eyes opened to truth thereby exposing the fallacy of Mrs. White and WHO she represents.

After ten years I had the opportunity to quit work for a while and to delve into her so-called writings after reading the entire Bible and learning to rightly divide the word (I am still learning) I was able to borrow books from someone who came from several generations of Conference workers that had the old early editions.

I began with MORE than the 9 vols. I believe of The Testimonies to The Church, Early Writings, Conflict of the Ages Series, Messages to Young People, Ministries of Healing, The Adventist Home, Spiritual Gifts I and II etc., just about everything available, from beginning to end.

I spent over twelve hours per day poring over these works, compiling stacks of sickening ridiculous absurdities, simple arguments, mostly apparent fabrications and often utter nonsense in The Testimonies for the most part, but many shocking and defaming accusations against almost every notable righteous person as conveyed in the Holy Scriptures and even serious blasphemous implications against The Deity.

Many blatantly false doctrines surrounding the 1844 Movement, stacked lie upon lie of her false face-saving visions regarding conspiracies between some of the founding fathers of this cult regarding embarrassing false doctrines; Cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary, unable to complete atonement until 1844; Closed/Mercy Door, no more salvation for over seven years, absolute abominable lies from the pit.

I felt not only duped but psychologically and spiritually violated and readily confessed that in my ignorance of the Holy Bible I had been seduced into pledging by an oath that I believed this *Jezebel* was God's Last day Messenger to The Remnant Church. How frightful! How disgustingly nauseating!

But Praises be to God that His mercy endures to every and all generations He NEVER closed that door for a moment and will never close it until we hear the sound of that Great Shofar, at the last Great Awakening Blast, The Last Trump! "Blessed is He, Yahshua who comes in the Name of Yahweh"

Yes, by reading such beautiful and picturesque and descriptive revelations that were hidden from all the preceding generations of old, relating all the secretive plans of both opposers she was able to tell us what was in the minds, thoughts and motives of every biblical character including the angels and Satan. She could tell us the exact words in conversations even prior to the creation of this world. No more unanswered questions if you have read her Spirit of Prophecy. She saw it all intimately!

This certainly has brought new meaning to her job description, "My work involves MUCH MORE than a prophet."

Let's see...Moses was a GREAT prophet, and Yahweh said that He would send another like unto Moses, (Yahshua/Jesus) He was THE Greatest Prophet and His work included much more than a prophet, His Testimony Is The Spirit of Prophecy.

hmmmmm... just what did she infer? She would have a greater work than Moses and all the major prophets. Sounds like she would have her disciples to believe she was on par with Jesus, if her Testimonies were the Spirit of Prophecy, too. WOW!

But the fatal flaw by her pen of inspiration in her writings she not only opposes God's Word but magnifies her word above the knowledge of Yahweh, God.

In 1977 my husband and I had the privilege to distribute many pieces of our findings, documenting EGW's bold contradictions to Scripture, contradictions to her own writings, as well as her numerous false prophecies, we placed them in The Andrews University Library in their reference books and also on the windshields of many cars in the library parking lot there.

We felt obligated out of love and compassion to warn others who are sincerely looking for truth and having hearts that desire to follow in the footsteps of our Redeemer, of this diabolical masquerading self proclaimed agent of God but unmasked is a full-fledged double -agent commissioned by and of the of the Evil One

I was writing for my doctoral antithesis in 1981 re SDA's Prophetess but laid it aside when my son took his own life. He had grown up in that church, baptized, attended Jefferson Academy. It was there, he wrote in his journal that SDA's were members of Anton Lavey's Satanic Church. He wanted to write a book exposing... EGW that "she was not a prophet but was in it for the profit."

He wanted so badly for his two sisters to come out of that cultish religion but did not want to offend them. He expressed concern to me for his nephews and nieces and felt sorry for rigid discipline they endured not allowed to enjoy wholesome childish fun because of Mrs.White's extremism. His sisters attempted to live by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of Mrs. White but NOT out of the mouth of God.

Enough of my background. Now...



Where in her writings does she warn against checking the validity of her visions etc., using scare-tactics in words to this effect:

"Some of you might think it is a mark or indication of high intellect to question my writings. (So called, The Spirit of Prophecy's authenticity, reliability, and its origin) This doubting and questioning is of Satan, when you begin to question he will ensnare you into his clutches forever." This is not a quote but the content means the same.

This warning of hers still clung to me from time to time for several years while I continued to uncover contradictions to scripture from her pen not unlike the so called "automatic writing," which was in vogue during the 1800s.

Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science; Joseph Smith, Mormonism; Anna Lee, The Shakers and many poets and authors, all contemporaries of EGW. All wanna bees making a name for themselves all presenting a New Gospel. Inspired by WHOM? Many claiming the gift of "Automatic Writing"

I have tried to search with other EGW Websites but to no avail= In my ignorance I have been asking the "foxes" guarding their Goose who laid the *Golden EGG.*

As we learned in Early writings she said she had a vision from God...she recorded the strong warning that God supposedly gave to her to relate to others:

NO ONE was permitted to be mesmerized that even those who were NOT seriously yielding their minds but just letting the mesmerist attempt to mesmerize them, they would ALL come away proclaiming, that the mesmerist "HAD ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT ON ME"

BUT in reality, the warning continued, unbeknown to them, they will have "parlayed their souls to Satan, the same as Adam and Eve had done in the Garden" This last portion in quotes is, I believe, nearly an exact quote.

Now on the very next page in the same book, called Early Writings, Can you believe it? EGW boasts how she brazenly defied God, recounting in detail how she willingly sat for a certain mesmerist 'as he attempted to mesmerize me this way and that way' (evidently for a long time, when he finally gave up AND true to her own prophetic declaration, they ALL will say...) EGW goes on, "HE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT ON ME"

According to her vision and warning she certainly must have in fact, did parlay her soul to Satan, possibly unaware that it was he who continued to give her visions and trances at will or at least she was given over to a deceitful lying spirit to pretend the claimed visions/charades.

Now, many decades later, what she then birthed by giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils forbidding the eating of meat and discouraging marriages; going into hypnotic trances at will; she has brought forth a brood of vipers continuing in the same modus operandi...




This all began as personally confessed by Mrs. White, the goddess of the SDA Church herself, in Early Writings, for this she bears the fruit of her seductive fornication with Satan when she parlayed her soul for fame and fortune, allowing herself to be subjected to mind control in direct rebellion and defiance to what she claimed to be the admonition of the Almighty.

SDA pastors and teachers have openly admitted in Court Hearings to these charges brought against them and the SDA Church Conference, (The hightest Spiritual Power upon the Earth, according to her) They had to come forth naming names, addresses, dates commencing the employment of NPL 1990-1991and gave descriptive Titles, authors and the exact curriculum that is being used, all of which is termed New Age. see (alt.religion.christian.adventist )

Repeatedly she has confessed, "It was one of the sorrows of my life, I could not understand the scriptures unless I was in a trance or in vision." The scriptures are SPIRITUALLY discerned, and right here she admits she did not have His Holy Spirit.

My daughter is here with me, (she is absolutely scared to death to challenge any of Mrs. White's writings, d/t thirty-four years of reading and venerating EGW). When I asked her last week if she was ready to *check her out* she said she was.

That was HUGE! I wondered if she really could break free from the mind control that has had her spellbound these many years preventing her from evaluate her writings against The Word of God.

Well, yesterday when I got out the printed material from your Website (which is so well laid-out and so honestly courageous!) that demonic familiar spirit of Mrs. White was here to rear its ugly head and demand, "FIRST you must show me where in her writings she ever said ...(this was out of character for my soft- spoken usually politely cooperative daughter)


THE ABOVE QUESTION* (warning to not check her out)


She knows there are no EGW Books in my home except for G.C. and that I do not have access to any of EGW's books these days and consequently would not be able to take her to the page and paragraph to see with her own eyes. SO...end of discussion for now. I would be gagged and unable to proceed any further to put EGW to the test.

I tried to just read to her the Deuteronomy portions regarding the test of a prophet immediately she became very angry at my reading of this Word and said if I kept on she would have to go outside, that she was not going to listen to anything unless I could beforehand show her in a book where it is written.

She hurried out into the cold without a coat in almost a state of panic and with no place to go except into her car where she sat for nearly 7 hrs. rather than hear the Word of God in a warm house with food and drinks.

PLEASE, surely someone is familiar with this threat that prevents the cult members from putting her to the test and can tell me where to find it and if possible scan the page and forward it to me. That would be absolutely wonderful.

I anxiously and prayerfully awaiting your reply. Thank you for your time.




From: "Robert Sanders" <>

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