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July 2002

Christian Counterfeiters



I can't describe the feeling of accomplishment and yes, relief, that accompanied the completion of this major project. Praise God for the strength to get it done!

It all began some years ago as I prayed and sought the Lord over the growing trend of so many of the Churches, and especially the majority of "Christian" Television programs, to accept, without question, extra-biblical experiences and manmade doctrines of "prophets". The Bible got "lip service" but was not used as a tool for correction of such ones, and did not form the basis for sound doctrine in this trend. Fast-talking, glibness, and show-biz celebrities, promising financial prosperity, replaced the gospel message.

Christians just seemed to gobble up anything presented, and accept it as coming from God. They poured over books by popular "prophets", watched way-out Christian TV, believing all they saw was of God. The more outrageous the better! Bible reading and meditation were replaced by the "prophet's" latest "revelation".

Christians relied on their emotions and didn't even want to check things out with the word of God. They were seeking experiences for themselves which put them on a roller-coaster ride of "highs" and "lows". A servant's heart was replaced with a quest for experiences and financial prosperity through "another gospel".

I sadly watched as yet another wave of extra-biblical manifestations, false prophets, signs and wonders, phony healings and just plain silliness ran rampant through the body of Christ. Churches split, family were torn apart, and some lost their faith altogether.

Some Pastors seemed to be fearful of speaking out. Some had to leave their denomination because of their consciences. A sad time.

Although I felt very much like a really small "David" facing a really large "Goliath" I prayed that the Lord would direct me to do something about it. I could not keep silent.

I had lots of opposition while writing the script for this video. I was sternly warned "not to touch God's Anointed". (A convenient propaganda ploy to stop intelligent people from asking questions!) I was treated unkindly by people I thought were my friends. I was called "Jezebel" to my face and behind my back.

Prophecies of doom were made over our ministry by Christians who should have known better. These ones really expected their "decrees" against us would shut us down. The opposite happened! God put in our hands the resources to continue!

I feel the Holy Spirit impressed on me that the Church at large didn't have much trouble identifying the older counterfeiters, the recognized cult groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. These groups were all safely OUTSIDE the Church itself. Christians felt smug that they were not part of a cult--a counterfeit of Christianity, they were the real thing!

However, the Church already had in its midst just as dangerous Counterfeiters as the old line cults, but couldn't seem to identify them, or stop their influence. The people wanted them!

Ahah! Here was the format for the new video "Christian Counterfeiters". The Bible contains "markers" which identify cult groups. All cult groups have these "markers", old and new, alike. God's word has not left us without help in these present times--we just have to use that help!

The video begins with the old, recognized cult groups and refreshes the Christians' minds as to why they are marked as cults. I chose six Biblical markers and applied them across the board to the old and the new groups.

Point one is "Look to the Leader". In turn, we look to the leader of each group, old and new. We apply the character qualifications for leaders found in the Bible to each one. What an eye-opener!

Next, we take the Biblical Marker, "What Have They Done with Jesus?" In my estimation, this is the most important "marker" as we are warned to watch out for those preaching "another Jesus". (2 Cor. 11 3,4).

What do these groups think of Jesus? Do they follow the Biblical Jesus, truly God and truly man, or have they distorted Jesus? You'll be surprised at this portion of the video. You may have assumed that when your favorite TV Star Evangelist says "Jesus", he means the same one you worship. Your assumption may be wrong. Check this one out!

Jesus said in John 824, "I said therefore to you, that you shall die in your sins; for unless you believe that I AM, you shall die in your sins". Jesus declared Himself to be Almighty God, the great I AM. Are you supporting some organization that teaches something less? This video helps us make the right decision to follow the true Jesus Christ, based on facts from the Bible.

Point 3 in the Video asks "Are they False Prophets". Most everyone is familiar with the failed prophecies of the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons etc., but the clever counterfeiters of modern times have wrecked havoc with the Bible's true teachings on identifying false prophets. They have convinced their gullible followers that it's okay to have some false prophecies, and only a percentage of true prophetic utterances is necessary to qualify one as a true prophet of God.

The video asks, "When did God ever change His definition of a false prophet?". He lays out clear guidelines and expects us to abide by them. Jesus repeatedly warned us to "Beware of the False Prophets". It's definitely time to return to the Bible's true definition for a true prophet and give the false prophets the boot! Let's not be deceived!

Point Four is called "What Salvation are they Offering?" The Bible teaches salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Nothing should be added, but it always is in the aberrant groups. Salvation is an important subject, one which will determine where we will spend an eternity. We don't want to make eternal mistakes! Let's all check it out!

Point five in the video is called "Strange Doctrines". The ego of cult groups is such that they each have at least one really strange doctrine uniquely their own. We expect you to be surprised or outraged, or both, by this section of the video exposing strange teachings. Let's not follow some weird teacher without being aware, of all his teachings, past and present.
Point Six in the video asks "What Is Their View of the Bible?" The Bible is God's revelation of Himself to us, and outlines sound doctrine so we may be worthy to be called His. A true believer loves the Word of God and tries his best to be guided by it.

Prepare to be shocked when you watch the video and find out what the aberrant groups really think of God's word. Truly, they prefer that we would follow their "rhema" words instead, or their outright twisting of the Scriptures. They don't want us going directly to the Bible without their "interpretations", but this is just what we all need to do!

The video closes with a brief summary of the biblical "markers" contained in Scripture and an appeal to the body of Christ to return to sound doctrines found in the Bible.

"Christian Counterfeiters" is not just a "head talking", but is a two-part, fast-paced video full of Scriptures, video and audio clips . and pictures. It is a professional quality video. We have offered this video already on our website, and copies are moving well!

Additional details are on page 13, and the order form is in the middle of the magazine. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit bear witness to your spirit as you watch this video, and prayerfully consider the contents.

My Story--From Bondage to Freedom in Christ


"Here is my story. Permission is freely granted to use it. There are alot more details to my story, but I just used the main points. It begins when I was a sixteen-year-old boy who had always had an interest in the Bible. I began studying it when I was 13 and was a somewhat regular, but not loyal member of the Pentecostal Church. I had always felt like something was wrong with my Church.

One day two friendly and odd men showed up at my door. They stated they were going door-to-door encouraging people to read their bible. They went on to explain that the trinity doctrine was unscriptural, and that the bible never taught hellfire. I accepted their offer to bring me a copy of their "New World Translation", although I had never heard of it.

They brought me over a copy of it, and asked me if I would like to attend their Sunday morning meeting at their meeting place called the "Kingdom Hall". I accepted and went. When I first entered the place I was swarmed with people telling me how glad they were that I was there. I enjoyed this attention so much that I began attending every Sunday. It was on the third meeting that one of the men who had come to my door asked me if I would be interested in having a home bible study with him.

My folks were opposed to Jehovah's Witnesses, so we had the study at the Kingdom Hall every Saturday. I quickly made progress, and in no time became a non-baptized publisher.

I learned fast that you should never use your own words when going door-to-door, but only what the Society says to in the Theocratic Ministry School. I also learned that unbaptized ones were never to go to the doors by themselves.

I was also told that if I ever saw any problems inside the congregation to never tell anybody outside about it, or I might bring reproach on Jehovah's name. I was now ready for the next step, and requested baptism.

Around the time I was baptized, I began to discover some very odd things. In Revelation 1813, the NWT contained the words "Indian Spice". I thought, "where did the word Indian come from?" I looked in the Interlinear and it did not say "Indian" anywhere, so I took my concerns about this to an elder. Instead of trying to explain it in a friendly manner, he angrily snapped, "What does it matter--are you ready to leave the truth now?"

He calmed down a bit and stated that the Society probably had a good reason for translating it that way. After this incident I asked around and found out that the translators of the NWT were "anonymous". So, I decided I would not use the New World Translation in the door-to-door work again. I switched to the American Standard Version. At least I knew who translated that!

It was shortly after that a brother I was working with noticed what I was doing. He asked me why I wasn't using the NWT. I told him that I liked this one better. He reported me to the elders, but they never said anything to me at that time.

About six months later I was helping my non-JW Sister gather up old books for recycling. Among the books was a 1982 version of "You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth". I told her how dare she try to destroy beautiful books that contain the truth. I kept it and began studying the old book. Something strange occurred.

It said some of the persons of Sodom would be resurrected. The same book in the 1989 version says they will not! I was confused. I showed this to a ministerial servant in the field service, and he asked me where I obtained the book. I told him I got it out of a recycling box.

He said the light had gotten brighter, and therefore the Society had changed the paragraph. I thought to myself that the Society probably had just made a mistake and corrected the paragraph. I asked this same ministerial servant if he was still distributing this 1982 version with the mistake at the literature counter? He responded that it wasn't a mistake, the light just got brighter. I let this go, and things continued as normal for a few months.

Then we had a visiting speaker come to our hall to give the Sunday morning public talk. The problem was that he used "old light" material when he gave his speech. The elders gave him a severe reprimand and later gave a "correction" talk to the congregation.

I thought that "old light" was just as good as "new light", as long as the Society wrote it. I soon found out that if anybody was teaching "old light" they could be disfellowshipped for "apostasy". I thought, "does that mean the Society was teaching lies at one time?" I went into "spiritual shock" and my meeting attendance fell off.

I continued in this sorry state until someone gave me "Blood on the Altar" by David Reed. I read a little of the book and thought about destroying it, until I read Dave's account about worldly attitudes expressed by Circuit Overseers and Elders. I knew that was true, because I had experienced it.

I researched every bit of what was said, and it was all the honest truth. I read the book over and over and over again. I was beginning to become very happy.

Then I heard that the elders were investigating some comments being made by certain brothers regarding apostasy. My name was brought up. I received a mean-spirited telephone call, and was told that a Judicial Committee was being formed regarding me. I told them not to bother me further.

I wrote my letter of disassociation. It took me another year to totally break every Watchtower chain and to think for myself.

I am now an ordained Christian minister and have a beautiful relationship with Jesus. (John 146). I now dedicate my life to helping people get loose from the Watchtower menace. May God bless you and may God bless David Reed!" (contributed).
"I wrote you a while back telling you about how God used the JW's to help me get out of the Catholic Church, and how I felt compelled to minister to JW's and Catholics.

Anyway after getting out of a cult, I never would dream I would ever fall for another. After leaving the Catholic Church I joined a Baptist Church. It was great and they stayed on the word of God. After the Pastor retired, the Church started dwindling down. I had just become a widow and really needed a good church to go to, so I went to another Baptist Church, originally founded by our church. It was great, and everyone cared for one another, and the word of God was preached. It was just what I needed.

A Journey Through Deception

"I wrote you a while back telling you about how God used the JW's to help me get out of the Catholic Church, and how I felt compelled to minister to JW's and Catholics.

Anyway after getting out of a cult, I never would dream I would ever fall for another. After leaving the Catholic Church I joined a Baptist Church. It was great and they stayed on the word of God. After the Pastor retired, the Church started dwindling down. I had just become a widow and really needed a good church to go to, so I went to another Baptist Church, originally founded by our church. It was great, and everyone cared for one another, and the word of God was preached. It was just what I needed.

After being there for several years, and becoming the Church's Secretary, I started seeing unbiblical things happening. The Pastor never allowed deacons and elders in the Church . He was in charge. He did have "spies" out in the congregation trying to find out if you agreed with everything he said. If not, you were reported to the Pastor. This Pastor went on to stop regular Sunday School booklets and teaching aids, and wrote his own material. I was distressed.

Just as I was ready to leave, the Pastor introduced the charismatic laughter. My growing depression got very severe over the condition of the church. A spy reported me and I was confronted by the Pastor, and was told to choose absolute loyalty to him or continue with the gospel I believed. I walked away and never came back.

The thing that shocks me the most is all my witnessing material for Jehovah's Witnesses is gone. Several people wanted to borrow them because they claimed they were getting visits from JW's, so I let them borrow my videos and books. Now they won't return my property. Every witnessing tool for JW's I had is gone. I will have to slowly get my library built up again. I have learned just because the Church has a Baptist tag to it does not exempt it from Satan's deception. A bad leader can ruin a good church. Thank you Lorri, for your ministry". (contributed).

Questioning TV Evangelists


"...Thank you for the article on Robert Schuller. I have his life story "My Journey". That is some story. I wanted to know something about this man. I did watch his TV "Hour of Power" program and never once heard him preach on salvation, or the cross, and never preaches on accepting Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. In fact, very seldom does he read from the Bible, just a scattered verse or two, and then only those he can interpret as positive thinking.

He wants a $50 per month donation for 12 months, or $600 one time, and as a "thank you" gift he will send a crystal eagle ornament. How generous of him, eh? Don't you think $50 a month for a year pays for that stupid eagle? I have no use or respect for these people who use gimmicks to obtain money. Anyone who supports true gospel preaching programs doesn't want or expect any "thank you" gift. I don't believe that God is very impressed with Schuller's 20 Million Dollar Crystal Cathedral, do you? People like Schuller just want to make a name for themselves and receive praise from people.

Near the end of the book he says his dream for a big church came true, and that he accomplished it. He takes all the credit and gives no thanks to God....

Lorri, I believe God doesn't want lavish churches, He wants people to preach the gospel. He wants us, from the love in our hearts to witness for Him and to love each other and help each other.

What your ministry is doing is what God is blessing and using to help lost and searching people by bringing them to God's throne of grace and repentance. Thanks for all the information you sent, and the questions you have answered. Yours is a ministry I gladly do support whenever I can. I have many of your tapes on the cults. So again, enclosed is a small donation with my thanks...

I am a shut-in unable to attend a church. TV programs, tapes, and good reading are my means of hearing and seeing the gospel preached. I want only the good, the genuine programs. I want to do the right thing. That is why I want to know all I can about these different groups. Please send information on Joyce Meyer. I have some of her tapes...She says she preaches from her own life's experiences, but sometimes seems boastful.

I do pray for you and request prayer for myself". (Contributed).

I was a JW Child


..Maybe you even knew my family as we lived in your area. I was tossed out of my abusive JW family when I was 14 years old and refused to be a JW member. I called them a "cult". Unforgivable.

My family was convinced that I was "demonized" since I told them that there were elves that came out at night and played on my bed. I was three years old and had a very active imagination. I was called "demonized" from such a young age that I even came to believe it myself.

I have suffered most of my life from anxiety and fear that the "mark of the beast" is upon me. My own Mother told me at 17 that she wished I would just die because I was only going to die at Armageddon anyway. Better I die now and maybe get resurrected.

It's been painfully difficult to stay strong in my conviction that there must be a better way instead of crawling back to the shelter of that mindless place that is the congregation of JW's.
I'd love to correspond with someone who was also raised in this legalistic, oppressive and secretive cult. Maybe it will help me feel less of a freak...and maybe get my childhood memories in perspective". (contributed).

Angels and the Watchtower Society


The Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses has a long history of teachings on angels. They believe their organization is under the direction of, and protected by, angels today. Few modern Jehovah's Witnesses will know the real teaching on angels that prevailed in earlier days, so we thought we would enlighten them.

Even today, their foremost strange doctrine involves an angel, the Archangel Michael whom they believe is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. In their theology, it was the life force of this archangel that was transferred to the Virgin Mary's womb to produce the Watchtower Jesus. The Archangel Michael at this point went out of existence. Upon the death of Jesus on earth, they believe he was again recreated as the Archangel Michael in heaven. A strange, unbiblical teaching, indeed.

However, modern Jehovah's Witnesses will no doubt be shocked by the beliefs of their foundational founders, Charles Taze Russell, and Judge Rutherford, their first two presidents. These teachings allegedly came under the direction of the holy spirit. (There are no capital letters on Holy Spirit on purpose. The JW's deny the Holy Spirit is God, reducing Him to just an active force).

Early doctrinal weirdness on angels originated from attempting to interpret Geneses 61-4, which reads in the New American Standard Bible

"Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown". (Genesis 61-4).

This fascinating portion of scripture has been interpreted in many interesting ways over the years, even by Christian scholars. To my knowledge, none of them have ever achieved the wild interpretations of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

First off, they interpret "sons of God" to mean angels, whereas the Bible's usual application is to humans. Their position then has angels having the power to materialize bodies and have sex relations with human women, the "daughters of men", producing hybrid offspring called "Nephilim".
This, too, in most unlikely since Mark 1225 says when people are resurrected from the dead they are like angels, neither marrying nor being given in marriage.

The next problem for the JW's is that the "nephilim" the alleged offspring of angels and women, were not hybrids "dematerialized" by the flood as they teach. Rather they were a tribe of people, referred to long after the flood in Numbers 1333, and are reported as "sons of Anak".

So, whatever our theories might be on this portion of scripture, certain facts are in evidence in the Bible. Whereas angels sometimes appeared as men, there is no biblical report of them marrying women and producing offspring, certainly not "nephilim".

Undeterred by these facts, the founder of the JW's went on to teach that these sinful, fallen, angels who had married the daughters of men were the very ones confined in 2 Peter 24 in the "pit of darkness", along with the nephilim. (The At-One-Ment Between God and Man, 1899, p. 104).

Russell did not believe that what they did made them "demons", but just fallen angels. These angels had a lot of time to repent in the pit, according to Russell, and divided themselves into two classes Those who returned to "righteousness" and those who did not. Those who did not became the ones who spoke through mediums. The righteous ones did not communicate with man.

During this time Russell is alleged to have supported a book called "Seola" given by "automatic handwriting" through mediums This book was later revised and published under the name "Angels and Women" in 1924.

Judge Rutherford pretty well believed the same things as Russell, until 1934, with his booklet "angels", he presented "new light" on Genesis chapter six.

Now the nephilim were "...those wicked ones (who) joined Satan in his rebellion". The pit of darkness of 2 Peter 24 became the home of the nephilim. The "sons of God", interpreted as the fallen angels by Russell, now became ones who "did not join Satan in his rebellion", and moved locations to 1 Peter 319 and were now the "spirits in prison". There they had "some hope of their recovery".
These "sons of God" now became victims of fraud "practiced upon them by Satan and the demons". These demons now included the Nephilim. (Watchtower June 1, 1937 p. 164).

Rutherford went on to actually say that these fallen angels "sons of God" were in the same spiritual condition as the "great multitude". He reported that both groups were "imprisoned by Satan". In Rutherford's fertile mind, the "great multitude" were imprisoned by Satan's cohorts, the clergy of "Christendom".

Both these groups now had to withstand the Battle of Armageddon and prove their faithfulness of Jehovah's Organization to be saved, according to Rutherford. I don't think modern members of the "great multitude" will be too happy to learn all this!

Where did Rutherford ever come up with all this "new light", since the Bible does not teach any of it?

Again, we find our answer in angels!

You see, in 1918 Rutherford taught that the Holy Spirit was removed as the agency that transmitted "truth" to the Watchtower Organization. He said that "...thereafter angels transmitted God's interpretation of Scripture into his mind". He assured his readers that he did not believe the angels in communication with him were the fallen ones, but holy ones.

He then went on to teach that wicked angels were deceivers and were so clever that "...they continue to deceive men. They operate by gaining control of the mind of man...". (Watchtower June 1, 1937 p. 165).

So there you have it. This view is still the current "light" with the modern Jehovah's Witnesses, but they may not know it.If I was a modern Jehovah's Witness, I would be exceedingly leery of following an organization under the direction of these dubious "angels" running the whole show by influencing the minds of the leaders. I would also be very afraid, since the Holy Spirit has been dismissed for decades.

Jehovah's Witnesses have been manipulated and deceived by this organization. They think they are following the Bible, but they are following extra-biblical theories on all of their main doctrines.

Jesus Christ is not any kind of an angel, but has the nature of God. He is not a creature, He is the Creator. Jehovah's Witnesses, if you have the right Jesus Christ you are right for all eternity, but if you have the wrong Jesus Christ (and you do!), then you are wrong for all eternity. Why not forsake the organization and find real truth and salvation in the person of Jesus Christ?

Questions about Blood from an Honest Elder


We recently perused a 44-page document between an active Jehovah's Witness Elder and the Governing Body of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The document, comprising a series of letters back and forth between this elder and the Watchtower headquarters that were smuggled out of Bethel in New York at great personal risk to some still on staff there. The elder did not make this information public. The headquarters staff said this, "We hope the elder who wrote these letters will understand why we had to make them public. Our prayers are for him and the many more like him".

We trust this elder will not face public disgrace and disfellowshipping from his friends and family since this document escaped to the internet without his knowledge. However, we are realists, and we know it is just not possible to ask honest-hearted questions and still remain in good standing within the Organization.

This elder worked in the medical field and was constantly in the company of physicians and insurance claims examiners. As a proud Jehovah's Witness, he attempted to witness to them and set a good example for the group. However, they closely questioned the JW stand on blood transfusions. He did his best. He researched all the literature, approached different elders and circuit overseers, but none could answer his troubling questions. He was driven into the scriptures in depth and cried out to Jehovah God for help in understanding the Society's stand. All he could do, finally, was follow the advice from other elders and "ask the Society".

This elder should receive some kind of award for patiently waiting. Watchtower headquarters should receive some kind of award for stonewalling. These simple questions dragged on for years. Blood transfusions are still banned.

The "dispute" arose over recent changes to rules on blood for the JW's. The Governing body recently saw fit to allow Jehovah's Witnesses to take some components derived from blood, using their own conscience as a guide. They believed they had the direction of the Holy Spirit to direct their members to go ahead and take blood components, as long as they were from the fractions of protein, hormone, salts, or enzyme components.

They can do this without facing disciplinary action from the elders. However, they don't dare take blood components derived from red cells, white cells, platelets, or plasma, or they will face disciplinary action! (Expulsion from the congregation and loss of eternal life).

The earnest elder saw right through this hypocrisy and asked

"...Scripturally, what makes red cells coming from whole blood different from proteins coming from whole blood, making one a matter of interest judicially and the other of no judicial interest?"

The Watchtower has always maintained that blood equates with life, and that blood must be poured out on the ground and not used for any purpose. They say these instructions from God to Noah in Genesis, chapter nine, are binding on all mankind. A careful reading of this chapter shows it is telling Noah not to eat unbled meat for food.

Nevertheless, they have somehow escalated these simple instructions into the complex rules now in force regarding blood transfusions, coupling a few sentences from Genesis with a fragment of scripture from Acts 1529 to form their blood doctrine.

The elder asked Headquarters how come they were allowing some blood components made from discarded blood to be used by JW's, when, in other places, they say blood must not be used for any purpose, but just poured out? He provided them with copious conflicting references from their own writings. Why, indeed?

Headquarters should receive an award for creative evasion, for responding that Jesus' workers plucked and ate grains from the field, but didn't harvest the whole field so what they did was very minor, and so were these blood components! Talk about stretching the credibility factor to new lengths! This account has nothing to do with the subject of blood. Ridiculous.

His doctor friends pointed out to the elder that the blood from the Mother, including all its components, passed to the baby in her womb, providing sustaining nourishment, and technically breaking JW rules--using one's blood to sustain another.

Likewise, the elder asked headquarters, could Eve have been excused if she took just a tiny bite out of the forbidden fruit? Or, did a small portion make her just as guilty?

The elder valiantly suggested, correctly so, with many scripture references, that the blood issue be revisited. He rightly pointed out that the pouring out of blood was binding on the Israelites, but never on the Gentiles. The Society always taught that the Gentiles were not under the law on the one hand, but used fragments of the law to enforce their stand on prohibition of blood, on the other. Well, you can't have it both ways unless you're the governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses apparently.

When their weak arguments and misuse of scripture fragments were all lovingly, but firmly dissected by this elder, and found to be inaccurate and misleading, what did they do?

They retreated to their tired refrain about being Jehovah's Faithful and Discreet Slave who alone were dispensers of truth in its season, and this brother should just "wait on Jehovah". In other words, "stop asking embarrassing questions and leave us alone!".

However, this elder is right. Headquarters, you need to either forbid blood entirely, (without scriptural support), or let the taking of any kind of blood, whole or in components be a matter of each Jehovah's Witness conscience.

Many innocent lives have already been lost. You know you are wrong, but can't seem to admit it. You will one day stand before God with blood on your hands!

(Those desiring to read the entire document can find it at




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